JV Contact Secrets

First Contact Secrets For Landing Big Fish Joint Venture Partners!

JV’s in the real world are very different from the simple concepts or rules that work just once in a while. We prefer to get you closer to something that works nearly all of the time. 

To do this, we need to dive headfirst into some of the nuances of JV’s. This includes looking at the groups of people that you’re targeting for such deals, and assessing what they want. 

After all, it’s blatantly obvious most people see a joint venture as offering high commissions to a list owner, and are taken aback when they’re turned down. 

Internet Marketer have to be smarter than that, and tailor each individual deal to the situation in hand if we want to get good at this.

Below are some of the information that you are about to learn:

  • Goals Of This Section
  • JV’s In The Real World Part One
  • Your Powers Of Deduction
  • Everyone Is Different.
  • Selling Yourself To Your Prospects
  • The Standard Methods Don’t Work
  • An Example Of A Problem
  • Why The Proposal Was Rejected
  • This Time It’s Personal
  • And so much more…